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As technology changes so rapidly, so does how we learn and approach learning in the classroom.  Are cell phones, or smart phones  (blacberry or iphones) a good thing to be allowed in our classrooms.

Some  positive arguments are that students will write more, through texting and instant messaging.  As well, students will be able to access the web quickly at their desk and look up information on their own.

Some negative arguments are that students will talk more and not pay attention in class, be distracted from instant messaging and emailing and these students will not be supervised in their use of the internet.

Some things to consider:

– age limits, not everyone can afford a cell/smart phone

– students will be more independent earlier, access to the web will be at their finger tips.

It is an interesting but difficult debate.

Give your answer in a paragraph—-if you are stuck with ideas, read some other comments from your classmates.

Paragrah must:                                                                                                                         1. have a clear opinion supported with proof or evidence from your own life, the article or the video.                                                                     2. a good opening sentence without “I think that…”