Is Music Education Important?

Music Monday is coming up soon… Monday, May 5. This was a program that was intended to create awareness of the need to include music in Canadian schools.

On this day, we would all like to hear why you like music and when and where do you listen to it most at home or at school. Are you a lover of all types of music, cultural music, music without words and do you engage with music by creating your own? See…if any of these were important to you, then there is value of music in school. D0 you enjoy music in school? Are there things you wish you could do in music class but are not able to? Is music present in other areas of your school day and not just in “music class”.

1. Please tell us about some of these experiences or opinions.

2. What are your top 5 favourite songs that have relevance to you and your identity

Mr.Woods’ Ipod Playlist- top 5 songs. (in no particular order)

1. O’ Canada  2. Flower of Scotland  3.  Free Fallin’- Tom Petty

4. Stuck in a Moment- U2  5. Bobcageon – Tragically Hip
Why is Music in Schools Important?

Very Interesting Video

Spring is….

Finally, after a long long winter Spring is here!
Spring is… Write a poem following this pattern.
Spring is putting away winter clothes away for another year. Spring is having the sun come out early in the morning and stay up longer at night. Spring is finally running and playing outside without jackets. Spring is starting each day with a smile on our faces. Spring reminds me of the tulip festival in Ottawa. Spring is a time for us to clean our rooms and watch Kindree’s grass turn green. Spring is golfing. Spring is a new beginning. Spring is enjoying recess once again. Spring is here and well worth the wait. What is spring to you?

Who do you Admire?




Hope you had a great day…see you all tomorrow.

Everyone has at least someone in life that stands above the rest as a person you admire.  A person that you may know very well or someone with whom you have only met a couple of times.  But, it’s their character or what they have acheived or how this person believes in you makes them worthy to be written about. Write about this person or another person in your life that inspires you, challenges you and or makes you want to be better.  Please back up your selection with evidence that would make us truly respect and want to meet this person that you admire. 
Limiting your choices, is not a common practice of mine but for this assignment, do not refer to celebrities in your selection….unless you know that person personally.


____: a good/catchy opening sentence.

____: evidence to support my statements

____: feelings or emotions that make your bio story real to you (personal experiences)

____: a great closing to your paragraph (1 or 2 sentences)

What are you excited about?

excitementPlease write a minimum of 6 sentences outlining and telling us anything and everything that you are excited about.

1. Please include a catchy first sentence and a solid closing sentence.

2. Include a photo in your post

3. Include a link to a related site.

We can’t wait to read about what you are interested and excited about either things that you are involved with now or in the near future.


Watch this video.

Do you agree with change or is school fine the way it is. Think about it for a moment.

100 years ago, there were one room school houses where 10 kids ranging from grade 1-8 were in one class….now there are classes that are taught entirely over the internet using web-cams.

Does our traditional view of  schools need to change and if so, how?

What are aspects of school that you like that you wouldn’t like to see change?

What’s the Intended Message?

Pick one of the attached videos to comment on.
You must explain to us in a one paragraph answer:
1.what is the message being presented?

2. was it effectively presented?

3. why did this stand out to you?

4. who or what is being left out of this advertisement?

5. Why was this video made, who’s interest does it serve?

5.   Please give evidence from the commercial, your own experience or other things that this reminds you of  to back up your opinion.  Happy Watching and Commenting.  We all can’t wait to read what you have to say.

Who would you like to Meet?


If you had the chance to sit and chat with, or play with, and ask questions to or experience anything with  throughout history or in your current life, who would that be?  Would you like to kick a soccer ball with Pele, or sing with Celine Dion, meet your great great great grandmother, chat with Rosa Parks, meet yourself in the future, play basketball with Barack Obama or go on the first ever air plane ride with the Wright Brothers?

What is needed to be included in your response:

a) who you would like to meet?

b) why you would like to meet this person

c) what do you hope to learn from he/she or take away from this experience?

d) What kind of personality do you think they would have?

e) anything else that you wanted to add.

Write a paragraph response (or a Prezi) explaining your answers.  Make sure you don’t list your answers but write your response in sentences.  Provide supporting details.

Good luck

Your Favourite Invention of 2013

BEST INVENTIONSWhat is your favourite invention of 2013?
Is it the driverless toy car, Sony’s Smart Lens, a new style of motorcycle, the invisible skyscraper, Nest Protect Smoke Alarm or the Amazing Gravity Light?

Browse and choose your favourite.
Tell us why it’s your favourite…do you have a personal connection to the new invention or do you just think it’s amazing for what it can do for others….
Follow the link to choose your favourite:



Winter is…

winterFollow this style of poetry and create a mood or a feeling surrounding winter.
It is finally here!

Winter is a time for me where I am torn between the good and the bad. Winter is snow forts and having fun outside in the powdery white stuff. Winter is also getting stuck in traffic due to the weather. Winter is a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate. Winter is cold fingers. Winter is Canada and winter means ice hockey. Winter is many grey days without our friend “Mr. sunshine”. Winter is warm sweaters. Winter is thinking of those sleeping outside in the cold and hoping they get can get some warmth inside. Winter is a cold classroom. Winter is wearing snow boots and all the warm battle wear to combat the cold. Winter is shoveling late at night. Winter is a season that has its’ ups and downs.

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