Write instructions on how you brush your teeth

Grade 5’s,

1. Write a set of instructions on how you brush your teeth.  Use signal words such as first, next, then, after that, furthermore, finally etc., to have your ideas to be written in order.

2.  Next, your writing should include describing words (adverbs and adjectives) to make your writing unique and interesting.

3.  Finally, have an opening and closing catchy sentence.

Happy brushing.

Remembrance Day

Soldiers by kait lilley


Write a paragraph outlining your opinion if Ontario should make Remembrance Day be a holiday.
Why do you think this?

What reasons do you have to back up your opinions?

We are all interested to hear about your opinion and read your ideas.

Banning Cell Phones when Driving a car?

Good idea or bad idea?

Brainstorm with your partner using smart ideas either the “good” or the “bad” surrounding this issue.

For information, you can read an article in the Toronto Star….follow this link


or watch a tv clip



We look forward to reading what we have to say.


On an island

Imagine that you are shipwrecked on an island far away from civilization.
What would be 6 things you would grab before the ship went down to survive?
Explain your answers with detail and why you made those choices.

Missisauga is…


mississaugaWrite a paragraph outlining your favourite things that make your community important to you. Considering we all have different lives and a variety of experiences, we all should have some things in common with our community but also some things that we love that are unique to us.

Student examples (2):

Mississauga…….. Its never hard to think of what Missisauga is.

Mississauga is a place where everyone is friends.
Mississauga is a new place i moved.
Mississauga is a place where its safe.
Mississauga is a place where you and your family can got to parks.
Mississauga os a place where everyone is friendly.
Mississauga is a place when I get picked up from my dad.
Mississauga is a shared community.
Mississauga is a place where almost all of my cousins are.
Mississauge is a place where you can get together with everyone.

This is my Mississauga and even more. I wonder what is yours?

Mississauga is…

Where I live.
Where my friends are.
Where I play.
Where my school is.
Where my house is.
Where I play football.
A multi cultural place.

That is mississauga to me.


What I am reading?

Love of BooksTo develop a passion for something, we often can rely on our friends for ideas or new ways of thinking.  Books and reading aren’t any different.

Your paragraph must include these details:

1. a brief summary about your book.

2.  Would you recommend this to another class mate

3.  What kind of reader would like this book (is there an another series or book that it is like?)

4.  Rate the book out of 10

Check out the site and this link throughout the year and comment on new books you are reading, so we can all help learn from eachother’s book interests.

What does fall mean to you?

Example to follow (read first)

Fall is…

Fall is a time of comfort and change. It consists of days where you want to curl up and watch a movie under a warm blanket. Fall is a time of year that brings the end of hot weather…so it’s time to wear jeans more often than shorts.Fall is seen in the fun of picking out a pumpkin. Fall is apple picking. Fall is getting outdoors and going for a bike ride. Fall is great golf. Fall is slowly falling red and orange leaves. Fall is a season that brings hope that winter doesn’t come for a while.
Fall is a season of comfort and change.



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