Remembrance Day a Holiday?

remembrance day

In Canada, Remembrance Day is a federal holiday – except for in Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Quebec and Ontario.

The discussion on if Remembrance Day should be a  holiday in Ontario has resurfaced once again.  Provinces such as Nova Scotia have a day off school for all students on Remembrance Day.

Are there benefits to being at school on this day, to reflect to question?Or, should this be a day as in 8 other provinces  where students can reflect at home or go to a war memorial with family or friends or whatever they feel is right for them.

Write a paragraph outlining your opinion if Ontario should make Remembrance Day be a holiday for all students.
Why do you think this?

Express your opinion using your own experiences with Remembrance Day and the video/article to help support your point of view.

We are all interested to hear about your opinion and read your ideas.

News Article:–ontario-conservative-wants-remembrance-day-declared-statutory-holiday



The Spelling Debate!

We live in a world where texting, tweeting and instant messenging or writing messages on a DS is a part of who you are as learners. Is spelling no longer important in 2013? If you think this way then you probably believe that spell check, invented spelling and other ways of communicating are more important than spelling a word exactly or the way the dictionary says .  OR…. If you think that spelling tests, the dictionary and correct spelling is as important to you today as it was 100 years ago then you believe that correct spelling is very important.

Please explain why you think this…back up your answer and “check for errors..ooops…did I say that?”

Here are two articles that may help you:


C U L8er

Write with Images


Homework 1 – click here for the homework instructions.

A descriptive paragraph explains an image, video, song or anything  with adverbs (words that describe an action; runfast)and adjectives (words that describe a noun; black hair).

Look at these pictures.

Pick one picture and explain in a detailed paragraph or poem words what you see.  Talk us through in detail with adjectives and adverbs what is going on in your image that you chose.

Don’t tell us which image you chose…as readers, we will try and guess which one you are explaining.

Fall Is..

According to our calendar, September 22nd is the 1st day of fall.

Example to follow (read first)

Fall is…

Fall is a time of comfort and change. It consists of days where you want to curl up and watch a movie under a warm blanket. Fall is a time of year that brings the end of hot weather…so it’s time to wear jeans more often than shorts.Fall is seen in the fun of picking out a pumpkin. Fall is apple picking. Fall is getting outdoors and going for a bike ride. Fall is great golf and the beginning of football. Fall is slowly falling red and orange leaves. Fall is a season that brings hope that winter doesn’t come for a while.

Fall is a season of comfort and change

Top Ten List

First, Write a top ten list explaining what you are excited for this year or tell us what your top ten moments this week have been.

Second, Write a “tweet” that is less than 140 characters in length about this year so far. Example:
This class is fantastic and people are nice. Looking forward to doing
fun things with my friends this year #gradefiverocks

Happy Blogging

Be Happy that it Happened…

Wow…June already. I cant believe it..we have done so much and come so far since the beginning of September.

This year has been full of so many things that we have been involved in from way back at the beginning of the year with our eventual trip to Wonderland, Pink Day, Blue Day,  our high fives at the end of the day, to spending every day together…learning, playing, laughing, reading, experimenting, painting, creating and trying new ways to explore our world and so much more.  All of you have you grown up in front of my eyes. A truly amazing group of smart, fun, nice, respectful and sometimes silly bunch of people you all are.

Some of you have been Kindree Kids have been here since you were only 4 years old! Some of you have been with the Kindree family for a short time, but have made an impact on us in such time period.

Please write a paragraph, create a wordle of memories from each grade level that you’ve been in, your teacher and what you remembered most, friends you made and things that have had an impact on you.  If you arrived this year, explain what this school, this class has done for you, what r your favourite memories of grade 5.  Remember…we have travelled together and we will always travel together.  Please remember to ask your parents if you forget some things that have happened to you or experienced throughout your Kindree career.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts….


Why is Music Important?

Music Monday was a program that was intended to create awareness of the need to include music in Canadian schools.

On this day, we would all like to hear why you like music and when and where do you listen to it most at home or at school. Are you a lover of all types of music, cultural music, music without words and do you engage with music by creating your own? See…if any of these were important to you, then there is value of music in school. D0 you enjoy music in school? Are there things you wish you could do in music class but are not able to? Is music present in other areas of your school day and not just in “music class”. Please tell us, we would love to hear about your musical experiences.
Why is Music in Schools Important?

Very Interesting Video

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